Attorney General’s opinion regarding Parliament’s treatment of IC and AuG reports tabled

The opinion of the Attorney General in relation to how Parliament should treat with the tabling of reports from the Integrity Commission(IC) and Auditor General, were tabled in the Lower House today.

This follows repeated calls from the Opposition for the opinion to be shared with all members of Parliament.

The contentious issue stems from the ruling of House Speaker Juliet Holness, to table some reports after they were sent to the respective committees for review, and for some to be held for a few months for the affected cabinet minister to respond.

The Opposition had long contended that they should be aware of the legal basis that informed the Speaker’s decision and ruling in relation to the tabling of reports from the IC and Auditor General. 

Speaking in the Lower House today, Mrs. Holness stressed that the tabling of the opinions of the Attorney General, does not set precedence for future tabling of legal advice given to the House Speaker.  

Mrs. Holness also stressed that she will continue to table reports according to established practice.


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