Attorney General says no order has been issued for the removal of DPP Paula Llewellyn from office

The Attorney General says no order has been issued for the removal of Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn, from that office.

The statement follows this morning’s ruling from the Constitutional Court that the second provision in the amendment to extend the DPP’s tenure in office is unconstitutional.

The statement from the Attorney General’s Chambers issued this afternoon noted that the judgment issued today, found that the amendment to the constitution to extend the retirement age of the DPP from sixty to sixty-five is valid and constitutional.

However, it said the court struck down section 2 (2) which conferred the option on the incumbent DPP, having attained the age of sixty, to elect to retire before the age of sixty- five.

The statement said the claimants have interpreted the orders of the court as having the effect of removing the incumbent DPP from office, but no order has been issued to that effect.

The Attorney General said the DPP attained the age of sixty-three in September 2023 and has made no election to retire.

The statement said given the divergence of interpretation and given that judgment was given for the claimants, the government will be pursuing an appeal with respect to the striking down of section 2 (2).


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