Attendance at several schools impacted in recent weeks due to increase in number of students having respiratory illnesses

Attendance at several schools across the island has been impacted in recent weeks, due to an increase in the number of students falling ill with respiratory and other related conditions.


The Health and Wellness Ministry recently warned of increasing pressure on the nation’s hospitals, due to a large number of children being admitted for respiratory illnesses.


In an effort to address the issue, the Ministry has extended the operating hours at some health facilities and forged an agreement with the University Hospital of the West Indies to treat children 12 years and younger, without cost.


While not all children impacted have been hospitalized, IRIE FM news understands that several school children have been staying away from classes, due to respiratory illnesses.


Principal of Charlton Infant School, Kerene Johnson-Clarke, told IRIE FM news that 30 of her 105 students have missed classes this week.


She said at least one of them was hospitalized.

Mrs Johnson-Clarke noted that the school has been taking extra precautions to keep students safe.


While several schools have been battling respiratory illnesses, at least one institution has had students miss classes, due to suspected cases of gastroenteritis.


Acting Principal at Constitution Hill Primary and Infant School, Charlene Burton said at least 15 students have recently fallen ill.


She said three students were hospitalized and treated for dehydration, and other complications.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has reported an increase in gastroenteritis this year, compared to the corresponding period last year, with an average of 107 cases for children 5 years and younger, recorded each week.




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