Atleast 5 killed across St Catherine and Westmoreland in 24 hours

The police are reporting that at least five people were killed in St Catherine and Westmoreland, in the last 24 hours.

Two other persons were wounded in the incidents.

The deceased are: 49-year-old Owen King of Georges Plain, Westmoreland, 43-year-old Everton Lewis otherwise called ‘Funky’, of Crescent District, Spanish Town; 32-year-old Atino Reid, 34-year-old Damion Marlyn, otherwise called ‘Wow wow,’ of Mansfield Avenue, in Homestead, Spanish Town and an unidentified man.

In the latest incident about 11 pm King and the unidentified man were among a group of people at a bar, when they were pounced upon and shot by gunmen travelling in a Toyota Axio motor car.

They died at hospital.

Over in St Catherine at about 10 pm Marlyn, was shot dead and a man and woman wounded on Mansfield Avenue, Homestead, Spanish Town.

Earlier at around 8:30 p.m., Reid was taking a shower at his lakes pen, Spanish Town home, when he was pounced upon by gunmen who shot and killed him.

And at around 8:10 p.m., Lewis was standing at a shop on Crescent District, Spanish Town, when he was attacked by armed men who shot him.

He died at hospital.

Police have launched investigations into the murders.


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