Assessments continue at St Ann’s Bay Infant despite impact of fire at school

Students at the St. Ann’s Bay Infant school, in St. Ann, will continue to do their end of year assessments, despite the institution being impacted by a fire, this morning.


The Early Childhood Commission (ECC) said school administrators and parents will decide on which students will attend school, over the next 3 weeks.


End of year assessments are being done for 3, 4 and 5 year old students.


The ECC said arrangements are being made for temporary bathroom facilities to be set up at the school.


Additionally, the children will be told to bring their own snacks or food, even though they will only be at school, for reduced hours.


This shortened daily school time will continue until closure for summer break, in July.


The ECC said trauma counselling sessions have already started for some children.


This morning’s fire damaged the brain builder block, which had 4 classrooms.


The fire also damaged a storeroom, bathroom and kitchen.


No one was hurt in the incident.



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