As severe weather impacts several sections of the U.S., the island’s major airports reporting no flight to the island was impacted 

As severe weather impacts several sections  of the United States, the island’s major airports  are reporting that no  flight to the island  was impacted .

According to the BBC more than 120 million Americans woke to severe weather warnings  today after huge storms  killed at least 22 people and  left a path of destruction across central United States.

Tornadoes and devastating thunderstorms also left nearly 6 hundred thousand residents in 13 states without power, obliterated homes and  injured hundreds.

Forecasters say Alabama, New York, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania are at risk of the weather events. 

Speaking to IRIE FM News this afternoon, manager for  commercial development and marketing at Sangster international airport Sharon Hislop Holt said no flight was impacted. 

She called on travellers to monitor  the news and to check the company’s website to stay updated. 

Senior Advisor and strategist in the Tourism Ministry Delano Seiveright said no flight was canceled and there was no significant delay on account of the weather system in the U.S.


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