Application filed in Appeal Court seeking immediate reinstatement of Corporal Rohan James

The lawyer representing interdicted Police Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James has filed an application in the court of appeal, seeking to overturn the decision of the lower court to not immediately have the cop reinstated.

Corporal James lost his bid for immediate reinstatement, when the matter was brought up in court this morning.

He was interdicted by the police high command following comments made at a recent funeral for a fallen officer, criticizing the high command for not paying cops their overtime monies.

Attorney at law Hugh Wildman explained that the 2 claims filed in the lower court have not yet been heard, as the judge indicated her desire to consult with the Attorney General, and adjourned the case until September.

The lawyer had asked the court to make an order for Corporal James to be reinstated, while he awaits the hearing of his 2 claims in September, but this was denied.

One of the 2 applications filed relate to a request to quash the interdiction, and the other relates to the immediate reinstatement of James until the case is heard.

Mr. Wildman explained further that the judge began the matters but stopped, to get guidance from the Attorney General.

As such, the matter has been adjourned until September 28.

The judge granted another request for James to be given 99% of his salary, instead of  the three quarters of salary.

The judge also stated that the disciplinary matter against James must not proceed until the applications are heard in September.

Having denied the request for an order to immediately reinstate the cop, the lawyer said this was not the desired outcome and an application was filed in the Court of Appeal this afternoon.

The aim is to have Corporal James immediately reinstated so that he can perform his normal policing duties, as well as continue to serve as Chairman of the Police Federation.

In the meantime, the lawyer representing the police high command, in the case involving interdicted police federation chairman Rohan James, has expressed satisfaction with the outcome of today’s matter, in court.

Peter Champagnie said the high command was not keen on reinstating Corporal James, and this point was agreed to, by the court.

Supreme Court judge Justice Carolyn Tie Powell had ruled in favour of the arguments that were advanced by assistant commissioner of police Andrew Lewis, on behalf of the police high command, through his attorneys.

Champagnie added that the request by James for the judge to recuse herself from the case, was also denied.


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