Appellate Court should consider financial implications suffered by Kartel when determining if retrial should occur -Buchanan

Defense Attorney, Isat Buchanan says the Appellate Court should consider the financial implications suffered by Entertainer Vybz Kartel when deciding whether or not his court case should be set for a retrial.

Kartel’s finances were among the key arguments put forward by the defense at the retrial hearing at the Court of Appeal in Kingston on Wednesday.

Addressing the three-judge panel, Mr. Buchanan said the entertainer has been paying legal and medical expenses since the initial trial which have impacted Kartel’s accounts.

He also argued that the entertainer has 17 dependents – the latest addition being his fiancée, Sidem Oztürk.

Mr. Buchanan said with medical, familial and legal expenses already impacting his client, it would not serve the interests of justice to order a retrial.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Shawn Storm” Campbell, Andre St. John and Kahira Jones were convicted of the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

They had their murder convictions overturned by the Privy Council in March.

The Court of Appeal will determine whether or not a retrial should occur.

The hearing is slated to end on Friday.


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