Annual tribute to honour Marcus Garvey underway at Irie Fm’s Ocho Rios office

The annual tribute for Jamaica’s first national hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey is underway in the Irie Fm courtyard in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

The celebration got underway at 6 this morning, with a special extended version of the Africa Forum, hosted by Khabu Maat Kheru alongside co-hosts Courtney Haughton, Nicholas Evans and Roger Hasfal.

Scores of people have converged in the Irie Fm courtyard with a major turnout from vendors and patrons.

Speaking on the Africa Forum on Sunday morning educator and author Dr Paul Ivey lamented that Jamaica has underachieved, while noting that Jamaica is not a failed state.

Dr. Ivey also called for Marcus Garvey to be taught in schools from the basic school level, noting that the current education system is not sufficiently preparing Jamaicans for the task at hand.

The theme for this year’s event is “Whither the republic, putting ourselves in charge of ourselves.”

The guest speakers, will include attorney at- law, Malik Zulu Shabbazz, human rights activist, Dr. Maziki Thame, among others.

The Garvey celebrations will go all the way up to 10 P.M.

Thereafter a live stage show is to take place featuring a host of entertainers which will include a grammy winning special guest.

August 17 marked the 136th anniversary of the birth of Garvey.


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