Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, co-accused convicted of two murders in One Don Gang trial

Alleged clansman gang leader Andre Black Man Bryan was convicted of two murders in the home circuit court, on Thursday.

In the first ruling Bryan and two of his co- accused were convicted, of being involved in the 2018 murder of a man who was a deportee.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, found that Bryan, Michael Whitely and Brian Morris were guilty of facilitating the commission of an applicable offence, by a criminal organization in respect to the deportee’s murder.

In the other incident, Bryan and Tareek James were found guilty of facilitating the murder of a man in November 2017.

They were also convicted of conspiracy to murder.

And, earlier today, Bryan, and nine of his co-accused, were acquitted of some other charges.

They were found not guilty, on three separate counts of facilitating an applicable offence by a criminal organization.

Bryan, along with Jahzeel Blake, Andre Golding and Tareek James, were found not guilty for the murder of a bus driver, in November 2017.

Additionally, brothers Pete and Marco Miller, along with Daniel Mckenzie, Dwight Hall and Kemar Harrison, were freed of the 2017 murders of two men in St. Catherine.

The chief justice also freed Marco Miller, Chevoy Evans and Andre Golding, of a murder which allegedly took place in February 2018.


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