Agriculture Minister welcomes decision to appeal suspended sentence handed down to a man convicted of praedial larceny 

Agriculture Minister, Floyd Green, has welcomed the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to appeal the suspended sentence handed down to a man who was convicted of praedial larceny, in the St. Elizabeth Parish Court, last month. 

Twenty-six-year-old Tevauney Thompson was sentenced to nine months imprisonment – suspended for 18 months – for stealing eight goats from a man’s St. Elizabeth home.

The presiding judge also imposed a 12-month supervision order as part of the sentence. 

During the 18-month suspension, Thompson would be required to serve prison time only if he commits an offense during the period. 

This sparked outrage among several citizens and farmers who say the penalties for praedial larceny should be more stringent, noting specifically that the man should be imprisoned. 

Speaking at an event in Hayes, Clarendon, Mr. Green echoed the sentiments of the farmers, noting that praedial larceny has been the biggest barrier to the growth of the small ruminant industry. 

Mr. Green said the DPP’s decision to appeal the suspended sentence is indicative of the seriousness that must be taken to address praedial larceny. 


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