AG recommends that UDC adhere to estate management and government divestment policies

The Auditor General has recommended that the Urban Development Corporation, (UDC) fully adhere to its estate management and government divestment policies, as well as improve its project management practices, to reduce losses and cost overruns.

This was stated in the a-g’s report, which was tabled in parliament last week.

The AG indicated that, of the 16 recommendations from the 2012 report, the UDC implemented 6, 4 were not implemented, while, 6 were partially implemented.

It said the UDC prepared and submitted to its portfolio ministry, the strategic plans for the orderly development of Jamaica’s natural and built environment.

However, development plans for 3 gazetted designated areas, are yet to be finalised.

The AG further noted that the UDC continued to fall short in terms of strict conformance with the applicable acts and reporting requirements, under the public bodies management and accountability act.

It said the UDC made efforts to improve its financial viability by seeking to recover rental arrears, however, the management of receivables remained a challenge.

The AG acknowledged that the UDC’s performance has improved since 2012.

However, the UDC has been asked, to ensure strict adherence to the applicable acts.

The AG also recommended that the UDC review its revenue generation strategy, to strengthen its resiliency and response to economic and external challenges.


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