Advocates Network questions seriousness of Gov’t’s plan to move Jamaica from Constitutional Monarchy to Republic

The Advocates Network has raised concern about the seriousness of the Government’s plan to move Jamaica from a Constitutional Monarchy to a Republic.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness has indicated that Jamaica will become a Republic, and last month, Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Marlene Malahoo Forte announced that a Constitutional Reform Committee (CRC) is to be appointed to ensure a smooth transition.


However, the Network is not pleased with the pace of efforts for this move.


In a statement last evening (July 25), the Advocates Network said it is unacceptable that six months after being appointed, Mrs. Malahoo Forte is yet to establish the CRC.


Member of the Advocates Network, Patricia Donald Phillips is questioning the seriousness of the Government in making Jamaica a Republic.

She said the Government must move to inform the public about the transition.


Mrs. Donald Phillips said the Network, along with other stakeholders will be holding a public education session about the matter today.




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