Advocates group Stand Up for Jamaica takes issue with Gov’t’s decision to repatriate Haitians who arrived in Portland Saturday

Advocates group Stand Up for Jamaica has taken issue with the Government’s decision to repatriate the Haitians who arrived in Portland on Saturday (September 9).

The group of 36 Haitians who were the second set to arrive in recent times was sent back yesterday morning.

In a release, Stand Up for Jamaica said it finds the Government’s actions reprehensible.

It said it believes this move is backward and goes against the support and harmony that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is supposed to achieve.

According to the advocates group, the situation of the Haitians is similar to when Jamaican farm workers were allegedly mistreated in Canada and the issues of rights were raised.

It said the same is true when Jamaicans try to cross the border to reach the United States.

The group said in this regard, the country cannot have two different attitudes to the situation.

Stand Up for Jamaica is calling on the Government to consider the atrocities being faced by the people of Haiti and be open to showing more empathy and properly discharging its international obligations, should another set of nationals arrive here.


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