Advocate group Golden Designs calls for citizens to assist elders with safety preparations

As Jamaicans brace for possible impacts from Hurricane Beryl, advocate group Golden Designs, is calling for citizens to assist elders in their communities with safety preparations. 

Beryl, which strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane this morning, is projected to reach Jamaica on Wednesday. 

However, Jamaicans are expected to feel the impacts of the system by late tomorrow. 

Speaking with IRIE FM News, Golden Designs Founder and Principal Director, Shelly-Ann Thompson says neighbours, civic organizations and government bodies should ensure that the necessary resources are available for members of this vulnerable group.  

Meanwhile, Ms. Thompson is urging seniors to take the necessary steps to protect themselves. 

They are urged to create an emergency plan, which includes selecting a contact person who will check on them, during and after the hurricane. 

Elders are also encouraged to have an adequate supply of all necessary medications, medical equipment and other health-related items, to last at least seven days.

They should also know the nearest evacuation routes and shelters and arrange transportation in advance.


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