Adults, especially those in creative space called on to stop glorification of crime and violence, as this negatively influences youth

Adults in the society, especially those in the creative space are being called on to stop the glorification of crime and violence, as this is negatively influencing the youth.

A special appeal was made to artistes who glorify crime in their music.

The concern was raised by Director of Safety and Security in schools, Richard Troupe, as he outlined various challenges faced by the Education Ministry to tackle the problem of gangs in schools.

He was speaking last evening at a virtual Anti-Gang Town Hall meeting under the theme, The Impact of Gangs on Schools and the Wider Society.

Troupe noted that schools located in volatile communities are extremely vulnerable, as children are likely to form or be aligned to a gang.

He said part of the challenge is the bad example adults set for children.

He pointed out that students’ participation in extra circular activities help in re-socializing them towards more positive behaviour.

He added that parents also play a crucial role.


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