Adrianna Laing expected to be released from hospital early 2023

Adrianna Laing, the sole survivor of a house fire in Westmoreland is expected to be released from hospital early 2023.

The teen has been receiving treatment in the United States.

Her three younger brothers Adrianno, Jayden and Jorden Laing perished in the fire.

They were buried last month.

President of the Joseph M. Still Burn Centre, Dr Zaheed Hassan gave an update on Adrianna’s condition on Tuesday morning.

Speaking at a virtual press briefing, Dr Hassan said Adrianna has undergone 17 surgeries.

He said while he cannot tell how many surgeries are remaining, Adrianna will be fully functional.

He said she will need prosthetic surgery for her lower left leg, where she suffered severe burns.

Dr Hassan also noted that Adrianna will need physical therapy as she recovers.

And Adrianna’s father Adrian Laing who is now in the states where the press briefing took place, said he had to hold back tears when speaking to her.


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