Abducted baby boy found safe

A 3 month old baby boy, who had been abducted from his home in St. Catherine yesterday has been found safe in St. James.


The woman, who reportedly took the child, is now in police custody.


The child, Roshane Hall, of Horizon Park in Spanish Town, is being examined by doctors at a hospital in St. James.


Head of the St. Catherine North police division, Senior Superintendent Howard Chambers said based on reports, about 5:00 p. m. the child was at home with relatives, when a woman, said to be a friend of the child’s mother, went to the premises.


Further reports are that the woman asked to hold the baby and later jumped into a waiting motor car, which then sped off.


The uncle of the baby raised an alarm and the police were called.


A missing persons report was filed and a search launched.


SSP Chambers said earlier today, the woman turned up at the Cambridge police station in St. James with the baby and claimed that the child is hers.


He said a statement was collected from the woman.


Investigations continue.




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