A new digital technology grant will be on offer for upcoming Boys and Girls Championship

A new digital technology grant will be on offer for the boys and girls school who break the most records at the upcoming ISSA Boys and Girls Athletics championships.

According to CEO of Grace Kennedy who was speaking at last night’s launch of the event the respective schools will each be given 500 thousand dollars in grants which must be spent in the area of digital and technology advancement 

Wheby also announced a massive sponsorship totaling a whopping 170 million dollars  for the 113th staging of the event at the national stadium.

In addition to their core sponsorship Wehby also revealed a new special incentive will be awarded to the top coach and teacher at the respective Boys and Girls champion school valued at 250 thousand dollars each.

ISSA meanwhile will issue one million dollars to the winning girls and boys team at the five-day event. 

The schools finishing second in each gender will pocket 750 thousand dollars with half a million dollars going to the third place schools. 

In total this year’s event will be contested by 179 schools….88 boys and 91 girls, with over 100 student athletes from 20 other countries also competing. 

Meanwhile a bumper crowd at full capacity is expected back inside the national stadium for the first since 2019 due to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Kingston College and Edwin Allen are the respective defending champions. 



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