A legal battle is now brewing between Kane Tomlinson and the Jamaica Table Tennis Association (JTTA)

A bitter legal battle is now brewing between five times National Table Tennis champion Kane Tomlinson and the Jamaica Table Tennis Association (JTTA), after Tomlinson was removed from the delegation to represent Jamaica  at the Commonwealth Games in England.

Tomlinson, who missed the national trials almost two weeks ago, is today furious that despite already qualified  for the games through his number one rankings and being the highest ranked Jamaican in the world, his non participation at  the  trials  is being used as a reason to have him omitted from the team.

In the meantime Tomlinson’s lawyer in a letter dated July 19 asked the JTTA for clarification as  to  why his client was removed from the JTTA delegation for Birmingham, and why the player’s kit was with-held, since based on the chronology of events Tomlinson did not violate any rules of the association.

 The JTTA in a response to Tomlinson’s laywer stated in their letter dated July 22 that ….quote… “the position of the JTTA managing council has not changed regarding the withdrawal of Mr Simon Tomlinson from the table tennis delegation to the 2022 Commonwealth Games, we reiterate that he is unauthorized to represent Jamaica in Birmingham ” .

 Tomlinson now faces a race against time, as Jamaica’s table tennis delegation will leave the island on Thursday.

The delegation includes national champion Kane Watson, three times National Soleisha Young along with coach Sandra Rettie . 



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