A high-tech soccer ball to be trialed next year in Germany

A high-tech soccer ball that helps with more accurate offside decisions will make its European Championship debut next year in Germany after being used at the 2022 World Cup.

European Soccer governing body UEFA and manufacturer Adidas unveiled the ball for euro 2024 in Berlin earlier today.

A chip fixed on a gyroscope inside the ball sends data 500 times per second to record the point at which it is kicked. 

The “kick point” helps match officials make offside decisions using multiple camera angles to create 3d visualizations that illustrate player movement.

UEFA says  the “connected ball technology gives unprecedented insight into every element of the movement of the ball and contributes to EUFA’’s video assistant refereeing decision-making process.”

Adidas, who  also supplies balls to fifa for the men’s and women’s world cups,  has pledged 1% of net sales of the ball to the common goal soccer charity created by former spain midfielder Juan Mata.

The  51  game  European Championships  runs  from  June  14  to  July  14. 


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