84-year-old Hanover man confesses to killing wife and another elderly woman

The husband of a woman, who was killed in Hanover last week, reportedly surrendered to police and confessed to the murders of his wife, and an elderly woman she had been taking care of.

Dead are 80-year-old retiree Patsy Allen, of Kendal district, and 73-year-old care giver Teka Anderson-Nesbeth, of Grange district, both in Hanover.

Police said in a statement today, that the spouse of one of the victims, an 84-year-old farmer from Grange district, surrendered after being on the run for several days, and confessed to the crimes.

Reports are that on Saturday August 12, Allen’s body was found in the home by a family member who alerted the Lucea police.

She was formally pronounced dead at hospital.

Further reports are that over in grange, Anderson-Nesbeth’s body was found at home by a relative. She had been stabbed in the head. By then, the husband had vanished, seemingly to evade authorities.

Police said yesterday, the husband turned himself into the Lucea police.

After being legally cautioned, he confessed to the murders of both women, and shed light on the tragic incident.

The police are reminding citizens that domestic disputes can escalate quickly, often with devastating consequences.

Domestic violence intervention centres and other professional facilities are available to provide mediation and support.

Persons are being urged to seek help early to navigate conflicts safely and prevent potential violence.


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