$500,000 reward for information on killing of homeless man in Kingston

Minister of Local Government, Desmond Mckenzie, is offering a reward of half a million dollars for information, that can help in the arrest of those responsible for the killing of a homeless man in Kingston, yesterday (August 29).


Dead is Lionel Johnson. Reports are that at around 1 AM, lawmen found Mr. Johnson, on fire, in the Heroes Circle area. He was taken to hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.


In a statement, yesterday, Mr. Mckenzie condemned the killing. He described the act as savage, noting the suffering that Mr. Johnson would have endured.


The minister said Mr. Johnson was well known to the Kingston and St. Andrew poor relief department, which regularly supported him by providing food, and at times he stayed at the night shelter on Church Street.


Mr. Mckenzie called on all citizens to condemn the act and to help the police with information where possible.


Noting that no civilized society can allow such acts to go unpunished, Mr. Mckenzie said he is hopeful that the reward will result in the arrest of those responsible.


He is also urging members of the homeless population to utilize the facilities provided by the government.


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