5 Farm workers repatriated from Canada last month to be reinstated on other farms in January

The Ministry of Labour has confirmed that the five farm workers who were prematurely repatriated from Canada last month will be placed on other farms when the new season of operations begins in January.

In a statement, the Ministry said the move was decided upon following the conclusion of the Ministry’s investigations into the incident.

The workers had claimed they were being victimized by their employer because they spoke out against poor living conditions on the farm and participated in a one day strike.

Labour Minister Pearnel Charles Junior met with the workers and advised that a thorough probe would be conducted.

In the update on the incident, the Ministry noted that no complaint was filed against the workers by their employer and there was no report of a breach of contract against them.

The Ministry noted that it remains steadfast in protecting the rights of workers and maintaining the integrity of the programme while expanding same.

Meantime, the Ministry said it has taken note of recent news items in response to a United Nations special report, which criticizes aspects of the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Programme, likening it to modern day slavery.

It said though there is no specific reference to the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme, it is mindful of the concerns raised.

The Ministry urged Jamaican workers to use the established channels to report any form of abuse or untenable conditions.


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