Five divisions left to be counted, following Monday’s Local Government Elections

Only five divisions are left to be counted, following the Local Government Elections on Monday.

The Electoral Office of Jamaica, (EOJ), has so far completed the final tally of votes in – 223 of the 228 electoral divisions.

The EOJ in its latest update notes that the count has been completed in 10 parishes, with St. James, Westmoreland and Kingston & St. Andrew to be concluded.

Seven of the 12 electoral divisions have been counted for the Portmore Municipality – mayoral – contest.

For the ten parishes where counting has been completed, the Jamaica Labour Party has won 6 – these are: St Thomas with 6 of 10 divisions, Portland 7 of 9, St Ann 11 of 16, Trelawny 6 of 9, St Elizabeth 9 of 15, and Clarendon 12 of 22.

While the PNP secured wins in 4 parishes St Mary with 7 of 13, Hanover 7 of 7, Manchester 12 of 15, and St Catherine with 22 of 41 divisions.

The Jamaica Labour Party has won 110 divisions, while the PNP has 113.


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