1968 Olympic high jump champion Dick Fosbury is dead

The global track and field community is today still in mourning after losing one of the most influential athletes in the history of the sport. U.S. Olympian and 1968 Olympic high jump champion Dick Fosbury. 

Fosbury died at age 76 after a recurrence of lymphoma. 

His death was confirmed by his former agent ray Schulte on Instagram.

Fosbury became a legend at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games when he unveiled his revolutionary “Fosbury flop” to win high jump gold and clear an Olympic record height of 2.24metres. 

Despite the initial skeptical reactions from the high-jumping community, the Fosbury flop gained acceptance and began to be used by jumpers from around the world.

In 1981, Fosbury was inducted into the national track and field hall of fame.



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