Win Win Competition

Question 1. Name the two stops which the ship will make on the 2018 LOVE & HARMONY Cruise.

Question 2. Name the host of IRIE FM’S Wake Up Call show on Thursdays.

Question 3. Name three Jamaican artistes booked for thr 2018 Love and Harmony Cruise.

Question 4. Name two fixed entertainment programmes on IRIE FM. 

Question 5. Give the date of the 2018 Love and Harmony Cruise 

Question 6. Give the name of the programme on IRIE FM from 10am-2pm Mondays to Thursday 

Question 7. Where does the Love and Harmony Cruise starts and ends?

Question 8. Name the two broadcasters from IRIE FM who covered the Love and Harmony Cruise 2017. 

Question 9. Give the website address of the LOVE and HARMONY Cruise. 

Question 10. Give the name of IRIE FM’s Week day afternoon entertainment programme. 

Question 11. Name a Grammy winning artiste who will be on Love and Harmony cruise 2018.

Question 12. In which city in Jamaica will the Love and Harmony Cruise make a stop?

Question 13. In Which other Caribbean city outside of Jamaica will the Love and Harmony Cruise stop?

Question 14. What is the name of the vessel/Ship which will host the 2018 Love and Harmony Cruise?

Question 15. Which headline act on the 2018 Love and Harmony Cruise was a Headline act on the 2017 staging as well?

Question 16. From Which state in The USA will the Love and Harmony Cruse depart for the Caribbean?



IRIE FM’s Win Win promotions for Jamaican based listeners and web browsers.

The promotion is dubbed “WIN WIN” promotion because IRIE FM considers all patrons winners by virtue of their choice to associate themselves with the world’s first all Reggae Radio Station and Jamaica’s Number One radio station (Market Research All Media Survey). The second win comes from the opportunity to additionally win something tangible of value by participating in our “WIN WIN” competition.

    • The winner must be someone who is living in Jamaica or has a Jamaican address at the time of the draw. Return economy class airline tickets associated with the package for the cruise will be return tickets to either of Jamaica’s two major international airports.
    • Starting October 23, 2017 IRIE FM will post a question every week on our website ( until February 12, 2018. Except for Christmas Day. No question will be posted on Christmas Day Monday December 25, 2017 for that week.
    • Questions will be posted on a Mondays and will remain for one week until it is replaced by a new question.
      The questions will also be repeated on the entertainment buzz Wednesday nights following the posting on the website.
      Fans/listeners are to make notes of questions asked/posted from October 23, 2017 until February 12, 2018.
    • The answers to all sixteen (16) questions should then be mailed to IRIE FM’s “WIN WIN” Competition C/O IRIE FM, PO Box 282 Ocho Rios, St. Ann, WI between the time of the last question on February 12 and February 28, 2018.
    • Envelops with answers can also be dropped off at IRIE FM offices 1b Courtney Walsh Drive Kingston 10, Shop 12 Block B10, Fairview Town Centre, Montego Bay or Coconut Grove Ocho Rios St. Ann between February 12 and 28, 2018.
    • An answer sheet with space saying question 1-16 without the actual question will be posted on the website (the answer sheet will have dotted lines indicating space for answers to the respective question) it will also have space for personal details such as full name of contestant, address, telephone contact numbers as well as social media information (optional).
    • The Grand Draw will be made on Friday March 2, 2018 giving time for everyone concern to prepare to make the cruise a reality for the winners.
      Draw will be done LIVE on IRIE FM
    • Winner will further be contacted by telephone within an hour of the draw which will take place between 11am-1pm at a specific time to be decided and announced by February 1, 2018.
    • Once contacted there will be a live on air interview with the winner at a convenient time which could be while we are still live conducting the draw.
    • Entries will be placed into a drum and the first one picked up with all sixteen (16) correct answers to the questions asked will be declared the winner
    • Draw will take place at the offices at IRIE FM in Kingston at 1b Courtney Walsh Drive Kingston 10.
    • A spinning drum will be used for this draw

The competition is open to Jamaican residents only.
Must have a current Jamaican address
Must have a valid passport and US Visa to claim prize for travel
Prize is transferable at the winner’s request if winner is unable to take up winnings because of health or other extenuating circumstances (winner would decide who they want to give in such case)
If winner wish to forfeit prize ie. If they choose not to take it or select someone to give it to within a week of draw (by 5pm on March 9, 2018) then IRIE FM and part Sponsor of Prize Love and Harmony Cruise will retain prize.

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The promotion is dubbed “WIN WIN” promotion because IRIE FM considers all patrons winners by virtue of their choice to associate themselves with the world’s first all Reggae Radio Station and Jamaica’s Number One radio station (Market Research All Media Survey). The second win comes from the opportunity to additionally win something tangible of value by participating in our “WIN WIN” competition.

        • The “WIN WIN” promotion for advertisers is open only to advertisers on IRIE FM radio.
        • There are three (3) primary prizes for the grand draw plus nine (9) fortnightly draws for prizes of commercials on IRIE FM.
        • This kicks off with the fortnightly draws for commercials as outlined below.
        • Fortnightly (every two weeks) prizes of 25×30 seconds commercials based on draws.
        • There will be a total of nine (9) fortnightly draws to decide the lucky winners of advertising spots on IRIE FM.

Fortnightly draws

        • The first of the nine (9) fortnightly draws will be on November 3, 2017
        • Fortnightly draws will follow thereafter with the ninth and last fortnightly draw set for February 23, 2018.
        • Fortnightly draws will be done in the presence of a member of the public and any other stipulation by the Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission. It will also be video recorded for posterity and evidence if needed to prove transparency. The winner will then be announced live on IRIE FM by the duty announcer.
        • Following the announcement by the duty announcer the winner will then be notified by telephone.
        • Written notice of winnings will also be prepared and sent to the winner noting the expiration date for redemption of prize.
        • Intended draw time will be between 10am-11.15am each fortnight for the nine draws
        • BOX storing entries for on going draws will be stored in secured vault at the IRIE FM Kingston Office 1b Courtney Walsh Drive Kingston 10.

Rules of the spots

        • There will be no block out period for these spots won
        • Spots must however be taken in the outline formula (5Roots 6am-noon, 6Rocking noon-6pm, 6Reggae 6pm-midnight 8Radio Midnight to 1am and 5am-6am).
        • Winners have two years from date drawn to claim the spots or forfeit them

On GRAND DRAW day (March 2, 2018), there will be three winners.

        • First prize, an all-expenses paid trip for two on the Love and Harmony Cruise 2018. This will entail return trip economy class airfares to Florida, ground transport from Airport to Ship Port in Florida and cabin for two on the ship which include meals and non-alcoholic beverages March 24-29,2018.
        • Second Prize, two economy class airline tickets on Fly-Jamaica to any of three destinations, (New York, Canada or Guyana)
        • Third prize 40×30 seconds commercial (10Roots, 10Rocking, 13Reggae, 7Radio)

The order of the draw on grand final day will be

        • First spin and dip for 40×30 commercials
        • Second spin and dip for airline tickets on Fly-Jamaica
        • Third and final spin and dip for Grand Prize of Cruise

Grand Draws will be made live on IRIE FM on Friday March 2, 2018 between the hours of 11am and 1pm (at a specific time To Be Determined by February 1, 2018) under the supervision of a member of the public and whatever stipulation from Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission.
Winners are responsible for having their own travel documents (passport, Visa) for travel as it relates to the first and second prizes.
Note also that the first and second place prizes are transferable meaning if the winners are unable to take up their prizes especially as it relates to travelling and the company/individual who won wishes to pass on prize to a staff member or any other person of their choice they are free to do so. This must however be indicated in writing at a reasonable time for activation.
In the case of the cruise winner must activate within 7 days after announcement (by 5pm on March 9, 2018) as the cruise has a short deadline.
Winners have one year to claim or transfer prize for the airline tickets relating to the second prize
In the case of the third place prize of 40×30 seconds commercials winners have two years to claim their prize. No transfer is allowed.
All forfeited prize will be retained by IRIE FM. ie. If prizes are not claimed within the stipulated time considering the options given even for transfer of winnings relating to the first and second prize then IRIE FM will retain prizes.

How to win in this category.

        • IRIE FM has a number of discounted advertising packages including western specials and it is on the purchase of any one of the five (5) selected among these qualifying packages advertisers will get an automatic entry or entries into the draws.
        • Advertisers will qualify for a chance in the draw automatically by the purchase of any one of the five (5) selected IRIE FM cash packages including the $35,000 including GCT Western package which is restricted to businesses in western Jamaica only (Trelawny, St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth).
        • The other four (4) packages which are open to the entire island are the $38,000+GCT, $58,000+GCT, $80,000+GCT and $100,000+GCT cash packages.
        • Any purchase of the IRIE FM $100,000 plus GCT Cash package will automatically give the advertiser two (2) entries into the BOX from that purchase.
        • Every contract written which qualifies the advertiser for an entry will automatically earn the advertiser an entry into the draws.
        • Contracts must be paid in full before entry is placed in the BOX.
        • There is no limit to the amount of entries an advertiser can have in the draws as every qualifying contract written based on the money spent and the package purchased will give an automatic entry into the draws.
        • Paid up contracts meeting the required purchase for entry will be photocopied and the copy placed in the BOX for draws.
        • This is open to all customers of IRIE FM locally based under the understanding that the economy class airline ticket to Fort Lauderdale to take the cruise will be a return ticket from any of Jamaica’s two major international airports.
        • Contracts which won in fortnightly draws will only be returned to the BOX for grand draw meaning every entry gets a chance at the grand prizes even if it had previously won a fortnightly prize.
        • This competition begins on October 20, 2017 and ends February 28, 2018 for grand draws on March 2, 2018.
        • A BOX will be used for this draw as the contracts being light papers will be folded multiple times into small units which will be more suitable to be placed in a box, shake properly then dip for a winner.
        • Since only qualified (paid in full) contracts will be placed in the BOX, automatically the first entry out at all times in this category will be a winner of the respective prize being drawn at that time.

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