Following a heated exchange on social media involving entertainers Vershon and Cecile, the “Inna Real Life” singjay has disclosed why he stopped speaking to PopCaan.

The issue originated from an interview where Vershon praised PopCaan for calling him up on Reggae Sumfest but also pointed out one of Poppi’s negative traits.

Cecile quickly defended PopCaan by sharing a video on her Instagram timeline, showing the Unruly Boss calling out Vershon during his set at Reggae Sumfest in 2016. She captioned part of the video with, “Stop promoting people you don’t sign! As an established artist, recognize the value in calling up younger, less established acts on stage for the sake of kindness… endorsing them, putting them in your music videos, collaborating with them.”

She continued, in part, “We don’t take the music business seriously in this place. Men like Bounty and Beenie and others have done a lot and should never have done it unless it was for acts signed to them. In the long run most of them turn around and say you badmind dem!!! And how you selfish! Because they will always want you to do something more!!! And the more successful you become a di more them expect u fi drag dem like handbag bakka you.”

Referring to Cecile as “big head” and PopCaan as “such man,” Vershon responded on an Instagram Live, explaining why he no longer associates with PopCaan.

Cecile has since deleted her post, and PopCaan has tweeted a cryptic message. “Most humans have ulterior motives, don’t make them trick you. The hardest thing to do now is find genuine people”, he wrote.