Entertainer Valiant is refuting claims that he was arrested today on an outstanding ticket warrant.

News began circulating on social media that the Speed Off Singjay was reportedly arrested after his license was scanned on Sunday following an accident which involved Minister of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton and the Singjay. The scan eventually yielded warrants for outstanding traffic tickets. As a result, the artiste was reportedly taken into custody.

In the comment section of a post, Valiant disputed the claims writing “bredda me ina me bed a watch Game of Thrones.” Further to Valiant’s comments a video began circulating of the Entertainer at what appears to be a police station.

Despite Valiant’s comment several social media users claim to have seen the Science singer at the police station. One User claiming he made the comment after he was released.

Meanwhile checks made by Music News with CCU the communications arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to verify the arrest claims proved futile.