Dancehall entertainer Tanto Blacks is dismissing reports suggesting he’s involved in fraudulent activities.

In a Music News exclusive, the entertainer who is wanted by police from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch to answer to fraud-related charges, says he is currently waiting for his lawyer before he goes to the police station.

Tanto Blacks in disassociating himself from fraud, further stated that he’s an upstanding citizen.

All this comes after entertainer Poor and Boasy pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud, uttering forged documents, and obtaining money by means of false pretence in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday. He pleaded not guilty to the charge of forgery.

Allegations are that on May 30, the complainant was at his business place when entertainers Poor and Boasy and Tanto Blacks asked him to change US$250 into Jamaican dollars.

On June 1, Poor and Boasy reportedly returned with an envelope containing US$1,000 in US$100 bills and told the complainant that he was given the envelope by Tanto Blacks.

Allegations are that Poor and Boasy told the complainant that Tanto Blacks was asking that he hold on to the envelope with the US notes in exchange for J$70,000 until June 8, when they would return and retrieve the US$1,000 and give back the $70,000.

The exchange was done and Poor and Boasy left. However, it was discovered that the US bills were all counterfeit, bearing the same serial number.

The matter is set for mention on November 21.