Several persons who attended the recently concluded Sashi Weekend are still questioning the occurrences at Sashi Live.

Sashi Live was set to feature performances from international acts such as Busta Rhymes, Keisha Cole, Jadakiss and Wycliffe Jean along with local acts Bounty Killer, Tifa, Najeeri, Valiant, Bayka, Kraff, Ishawna, Iwaata, Rajah Wild and Tommy Lee.

However, late Saturday afternoon things took a turn after fans received the worst possible news- international act Busta Rhymes would not be making an appearance as promised. Hours later it was also revealed that Songbird Keysha Cole would also not be performing at the event. The event Promoter shared a Press Release reassuring fans that the festival would live up to its promises.

Despite the news, patrons still made their way to the venue the for the 4pm gate open clause but were denied access to the location due to the area not being ready. Nonetheless patrons eagerly waited and piled into the venue when the gates eventually opened at approximately minutes after 9pm.

At minutes after 11pm following an extended juggling set the event began with Wycliffe selecting a few of his hits much to the delight of attendees. Upcoming artiste Chaixe kick started the night’s performances. She was followed by the Poor People Governor Bounty Killer who delivered a thrilling set, leaving the audience begging for more. Denyque took the stage afterwards followed by Jadakiss who shared his set with fellow international act Ne-yo. Despite patron enthusiasm Neyo, who only performed three of his hits, informed patrons that he had been at the venue for the last four hours and that it was late before making his exit.

After another extended juggling set, Tifa took to the stage at minutes after 3am and took patrons down memory lane performing hit after hit. Her performance was followed by 10 Tikk. Minutes later Rajah Wild, Kraff, Najeerii, Bayka, Valiant and Skeng took to the stage creating an enthralling atmosphere as patrons were on their feet dancing up a storm to their high- energy delivery.

Following the energetic performances, attendees were about to make their exit, when the host asked them to wait for entertainer Tommy Lee who was said to be on his way to the venue. Despite the call, party goers left the venue, some satisfied, while others questioned what went wrong.