Dancehall deejay Rajah Wild is making light of his mishap after he fell off stage during a performance.

The viral video shows the ‘Rat Bat’ deejay running on to the stage towards the edge of the platform, where he took a tumble into the crowd. The video also captured screaming fans with their phones in the air trying to catch the ordeal on camera.

The short video ended with the entertainer on his feet and surrounded by the audience.

Meanwhile, in his Instagram stories, Rajah Wild has since reposted some of the reactions from fans and an image of a bandaged elbow with the caption battle scars accompanied with the heart emoji covered with a bandaid.

Recently, the artist was criticized by some partygoers for his practice of sprinkling powder in the audience while performing his song, ‘Powder’ which is about scamming, drugs, and obeah.