Ahead of International Women’s Day, entertainer Hezron is shining a spotlight on natural women through music.

“The battle scars of her stretch marks are so commendable, her beauty is beyond the tangible,” sings Hezron in the song titled ‘Natural Woman’, written and performed by him and produced by Tad’s Record.

Hezron said the song was inspired by the instinctive nurturing and resilience possessed by the strong women in his life, including his wife and mother, female friends and colleagues, and women all over the world, who struggle for equality in education, healthcare, and the workplace.

Adding that it is important that Reggae express this message, Hezron also said, ‘Natural Woman’ is an uplifting, sensitively considered tribute to women’s remarkable traits including their ability to give life.

International Women’s Day will be observed on Friday, March 8, under the global theme, Invest in women: Accelerate progress.