Dancehall entertainer Jada Kingdom continues to ruffle the feathers of Megan Thee Stallion’s fans after a new video shows her boo’d up with the rapper’s ex, Pardi.

The video making the rounds across social media captures the ‘Heavy’ singer twerking on American rapper and songwriter Pardison Fontaine, confirming talks, the two are dating. While they danced, some people gathered cheered them on, and others used their phones to capture the moment.

Last week, Megan Thee Stallion released her song ‘Cobra’, where she accused Pardi of cheating. The song details the alleged cheating incident with Megan sharing that she caught him with someone else on her side of the bed.

Many have speculated that Jada Kingdom was the person that Megan Thee Stallion caught with her then boyfriend. However, Jada has since denied the speculations. While Pardi in his response, used a clip of Future saying, “It’s an evil world we live in.”

In February 2021, Megan Thee Stallion confirmed her romance with Pardi Fontaine during an Instagram Live session. The pair reportedly broke up in May this year. Megan was first spotted with a soccer star, and then Pardi was seen walking hand-in-hand with Jada Kingdom during New York Fashion Week.