Information Minister Robert Morgan and the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission have dismissed claims that the government is planning to ban Valiant’s song, ‘Mad Out’.

On Thursday (Sept 28), the Broadcasting Commission via its official Instagram account, put the rumour which surfaced this week to rest, stating, “This is fake. The Broadcasting Commission is the regulator for radio, television, and cable in Jamaica. As at this time of posting, the BCJ has not received any complaint from anyone in the public about this song nor was the song being investigated by the BCJ.”

Robert Morgan cosigned the Broadcasting Commission’s statement with a repost on X formerly Twitter.

Meanwhile, Dancehall artist Valiant, in a video shared in his IG story, seemingly responded to the fake news stating, “Babsy would neva”.

The lyrics and video for Valiant’s song ‘Mad Out’ have been criticized by mental health advocates who claim that the entertainer is downplaying mental health issues in Jamaica.