Music by Dancehall entertainers Aidonia and Laa Lee is featured on the soundtrack of the new Netflix series “Supacell”.

The six-part British series, which premiered on Netflix on June 27, includes Aidonia’s 2017 hit “Yeah Yeah” and LaLee’s 2022 track “Bing Bong” featuring south London rapper Cristale.

Both songs are featured in Season 1, Episode 1 of the series, which follows a group of Black individuals with superpowers. The series is written and directed by Andrew Onwubolu, better known by his stage name Rapman.

Signed by Jay Z’s Roc Nation, Rapman is a British rapper, record producer, screenwriter, and film director.

His credits include “Blue Story”, the “Shiro’s Story” short movie trilogy, “American Son”, and more.