It’s safe to say former US President, Barack Obama, is a fan of Koffee’s music.

The Grammy entertainer is again featured on the 44th President of the United States playlist.

Via Twitter, Mr. Obama shared a playlist of 25 songs that are listed as his favorite music of 2022, and Koffee’s ‘Pull Up’ from her Grammy-nominated album Gifted is in the mix.

Other entertainers on Obama’s playlist include Burna Boy’s Last Last, Beyonce’s Break My Soul, and Kendrick Lamar’s The Heart Part 5 among others.

Koffee’s ‘Pull Up’ was also featured on Obama’s 2022 ‘Summer Playlist’.

Over the years, Barack and Michelle Obama have regularly shared the music they are listening to, and Reggae and Dancehall are always in the midst.

Koffee first came on the US former President’s radar when Toast made his 2019 summer playlist. ‘Toast’ was also a part of Michelle Obama’s 2020 workout playlist.