Controversial selector Foota Hype has gotten himself into a war of words with Dancehall artist Demarco, after he said the ‘Fallen Soldiers’ hitmaker was not worth six million Jamaican dollars for a clash at Sting.

The saga started after Demarco, who is involved in an ongoing lyrical battle with Fully Bad and Kyodi, shared via Instagram that he’s willing to clash, but for a hefty fee. “Laing if yuh nah seh 6 no clash.” Demarco doubled down in the caption, “Think a joke!!! Come on @reggaesting let’s make Jamaica great again!!! 6 mil JMD is only a small 38,000 USD (Trump voice) no cap”, he wrote.

Veteran singer Barrington Levy under the post on Demarco’s IG page, labelled the naysayers who questioned if Demarco was worth 6 million as having a “crab mentality”. “Jamaicans… I am sad to see these comments. So what you’re saying @demarco don’t worth 6 million??? Wow, our very own crab mentality”, he wrote.

Foota Hype took it upon himself to share his opinion in an Instagram live video.

Take a listen.

Demarco did not hesitate to fire back at Foota Hype.

All this saga stems from an ongoing lyrical battle involving Demarco and upcoming Dancehall entertainers Fully Bad and Kyodi.