Dancehall producer Shab Don, who is accused of offering $2 million to a policeman in a gun matter, is to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on July 12, when the alleged bribery case is scheduled for mention.

The producer, born Linval Thompson, did not appear in court on Thursday (June 9) on the corruption matter.

It was revealed to the court that Shab Don is still being held by the police as a suspect in the triple murder that occurred in Rose Heights, St James, on May 25.

Donahue Martin, attorney-at-law representing the producer, indicated that his client has not been charged in that matter. The judge subsequently extended the producer’s bail until July 12.

Allegations are that, in October last year, he offered $2 million to a police officer to remove an illegal firearm from his grey Mercedes-Benz motor car before it was searched by investigators.

Shab Don was then charged with breaching the Corruption Prevention Act.