American-British internet personality and former professional kickboxer, Andrew Tate has revealed that Skeng is his favorite Dancehall entertainer due to his love for violent lyrics.

During an interview, Tate, while explaining why the Jamaican music appeals to him, implied that Skeng and other Dancehall entertainers who sing violent lyrics according to him, “do what they sing about.”

Take a listen.

In the comment section of the post, social media users had mixed reactions. While some saw it as a compliment, others cringed at the idea.

One user wrote, “His interpretation of our artist/Dancehall is very unfortunate. Sadly, we can’t blame him.”

Top G loves Dancehall” followed by the Jamaican flag emoji shared one social media user.

While another wrote, “If unu have sense unu realize say the man a call Skeng and all other artists who sing about guns/crime/violence criminals. He literally said they do what they sing about.”