Social media influencer and humanitarian Aunty Donna is seeking assistance for Dancehall deejay Gully Bop who is reportedly ill and needs food and care.

In a social media plea, Aunty Donna focuses her camera on a slender looking Gully Bop as she calls on members of the entertainment industry including his ex-girlfriends Amari and Shauna Controlla formerly Shauna Chin, to donate to his cause.

Amari has since responded in a TikTok live video stating that Gully Bop does have to beg for help because she will always be there for him, despite their differences.

Gully Bop, born Robert Lee Malcolm, is a Dancehall deejay who recorded as Country Man in the 1980s. He rose from homelessness to fame in 2014, after some seemingly off-the-cuff performances were recorded and uploaded to social media platforms. He went on to release the popular track “Wuk Affa Mi,” which opened doors locally and internationally for him.