Golding calls for changes to tourism model; repeats call for income tax threshold increase

People’s National Party, PNP, President Mark Golding has called for changes to Jamaica’s tourism model, to ensure greater benefits to the island.

This, as he noted that the majority of the tourism dollars spent on the island do not benefit ordinary Jamaicans.

Speaking at the PNP’s 85th annual conference in Kingston on Sunday, Mr. Golding noted that tourism is one of Jamaica’s most important sectors.

He said it should be contributing more to the national economy.

Mr Golding said the next PNP government will seek to change this reality where tourism only benefits a few.

Meantime, the PNP president has repeated the call for government to increase the income tax thresh-hold to offset the increasing cost of living.

The thresh-hold is $1.5 million. Mr. Golding noted that the last reset was 7 years ago.

Mr. Golding also raised concerns about the increasing use of fixed term contracts by some employers, including government.

He noted that the practice often leads to workers being denied rights and benefits.