Woman Abducted, Employer Shot Dead in Hanover

by January 10th, 2017

A Hanover family is claiming that a relative was abducted and her employer shot dead in Hanover last evening.

Dead is 36-year-old Marvin Mcintosh, a businessman of Prospect District, Hanover.

Police reports are that about 8:30 P.M, residents heard explosions and summoned them.

On their arrival, McIntosh’s body was found with gunshot wounds and the hands and feet were bound.

Meanwhile, relatives of the woman who worked with Mr Mcintosh say she was taken during the incident.

Debbie Ann Martin, the woman’s cousin, says she was taken from the shop where Mr Mcintosh and the woman worked.

She says a pair of slippers belonging to her cousin was found during a search of the area by residents and police.


Cousin of the woman relatives say was abducted Debbie Ann Martin.



  • Kojo Mambolo

    this is what happens to our society when we learn from white folks.