Venomus vs QQ… fuss over “One Drop” royalties

by July 17th, 2017

A marketing strategy” is how QQ’s father and manager GQ is responding following accusations by Venomus that he was barred from access to his royalties from the song “One Drop.”

According to GQ, the song “One Drop” was produced by Stashment Records who is entitled to 50 percent. He further explains that the remaining 50 was split between QQ and Venomus which sees the entertainers getting 35 and 15 percent respectively.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Vemonus gave WTS the Scoop. In spilling his guts the entertainer said he is advising all young artists to aggressively protect their copyright after a bad experience with QQ.

According to Venomus, he conceptualized the idea behind the ‘One Drop’ single and its catchy chorus, only to be marginalized by QQ’s handlers who limited his visibility in the video, and later on, attempted to block his access to his royalties from the song.

One Drop was released in 2013.

Venomus has since rebranded himself as a reggae artist, while QQ made his debut in Egypt.