Unbearable Heat Forces Court’s Closure

by July 13th, 2017

There was a forced closure today of the St Thomas Circuit Court because of the unbearable heat in the courtroom.

The air-conditioning unit has not been functioning since Monday.

Justice Sonya Wint Blair was compelled to adjourn court until Monday when jurors, witnesses and lawyers began to complain about the  heat in the courtroom.

The judge was presiding over the murder trial of two men who are jointly charged with the murder of their Uncle Dennis Johnson of Yallahs, St Thomas.

Attorney-at-law Hensley Williams who is representing one of the two men said the situation was unfortunate, because the murder case has been on the court list for five years.

Williams said the judge had no choice but to adjourn the murder case because of the excessive heat.

The judge said she hopes that the Court Management Services will have the air-conditioning unit fixed by Monday.