UK Sound System Operator blasts David Rodigan

by April 10th, 2017

Founder and member of Sir Coxsone Outernational Sound in the UK, Lloydie Coxsone, has set the Music Industry ablaze.

The Local and UK Entertainment Industry virtually blew up over the weekend, as the Veteran Sound System Operator, blasted the Jamaican Reggae Industry and David Rodigan for misappropriating the music and disrespecting the foundation Sound System Operators.


When Music News contacted David Rodigan, who has been in broadcast media for over 40 years, he declined to comment.

Social media reactions to Coxsone’s indictment against the Jamaican Music Industry have come from as far as Australian, Europe, Africa and the US.

While some social media users sided with Lloydie Coxsone agreeing that David Rodigan allegedly exploited the reggae industry, while others blasted Coxsone calling his accusations baseless and vague.