Transport Authority to Dispose of Five Unused Staff Buses

by October 12th, 2017

The Transport Authority is in the process of disposing of five buses which it bought last year to transport staff members.

Managing Director of the authority Cecil Morgan revealed at parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriation (PAAC) committee yesterday that the buses are not being used because of what he called challenges.

The buses were acquired from a Chinese firm at a cost of $22 million each for a total of $110 million. They can transport up to forty passengers each. The authority says it will be seeking coaster buses to replace those being sold.

Mr Morgan told the committee three of the five buses have been disposed of.


He also explained that the units were too expensive to maintain.

The committee questioned why the authority did not stall the purchase of the buses which were received last September, only to now be trying to sell them.

Permanent secretary in the transport ministry Dr Alwin Hayles explained that the buses were a part of a transaction for units acquired by the state run bus company.

Permanent Secretary in the Transport Ministry Dr Alwyn Hayles and acting committee chair Mikael Phillips.