Sizzla NOT connected to Bobo Hill fire says manager

by November 10th, 2017

Individuals on social media are trying to tarnish and discredit the image of Sizzla Kalonji according to the entertainer’s manager Homer Harris.

In a press release sent to Music News, Mr. Harris claims that there have been rumors circulating online that Sizzla was involved in the Bobo Hill fire which he said was caused by a goat on a neighbors property.

The release further states, “For the record, Sizzla has no affiliation with the fire or any of the rumors that are circulating on social media in regards to the situation. If anything, these scrupulous individuals that have tried to defame and libel Sizzla’s character are doing so out of malicious and vindictive intent.”

Mr. Homer Harris went on to say “Sizzla has been dedicated to the Rastafarian community and the upliftment of oppressed people since his first album.”

Sizzla’s manager Homer Harris says the entertainer used his personal monies to build the tabernacle and administrative offices at Bobo Hill, Scotts Park, and other places in relation to Rastafari in Jamaica and all over the world.
In relating news, Sizzla is currently elated about his Grammy consideration for I’m Yours.