Six dollar hike in gas price due to fuel tax increase

by March 15th, 2017

Motorists will be seeing a $6.00 hike in gas prices, effective tomorrow (Mar 16).

The hike follows the increase in the fuel tax by the government.

According to the latest billing prices from Petrojam, E 10 87 and 90 gasoline will cost $6.16 more per litre.

The cost for a litre of automotive diesel oil, will go-up by $.28.

And, ultra-low sulphur diesel will cost $2.75 more, per litre.

As for cooking gas, $5.64 will be added to the cost of a litre of propane LPG.

And butane LPG will cost $4.62 more, per litre.

The only product to see a drop in price is kerosene, going down by 41c.

Marketing companies and retailers will make adjustments to the prices quoted.