Singing Sweet exploited online

by March 20th, 2017

The management of reggae singer Singing Sweet is moving aggressively to protect the singer’s brand and intellectual property from exploitation online.

The singer’s management team was forced to take action after Singing Sweet’s cover versions of the songs “When I See Your Smile” and “Oh Donna” have been consistently mislabeled under the name and the picture of “Ghost” on YouTube.

Manager and Sweet Music CEO Dr. Dave Wallace has since issue a cease and desist letter to all the pertinent violating parties stating that the confusion has caused substantial harm to the trademark, Singing Sweet.

Singing Sweet is known for the hit covers of the singles, ‘Oh Donna’, a Richie Valens original, and ‘When I See You Smile’ which was an international smash hit for rock band Bad English.

Last year, Singing Sweet got a major boost when rapper Kidd Kidd who is signed to G Unit Records, used his vocals from his cover, ‘When I See You Smile’, on his mixtape, Rappers Worst Nightmare 2.